NHIF accredited Medical Centre

Nephromed Medical Centre Nairobi accredited under a managed scheme for dialysis, outpatient & related services for civil servants. Visit your nearest medical centre.


We are empanelled with all major medical insurance companies for wellness, routine visits and annual health checkups.

Same Day Doctor Appointments

Visit your nearest medical centre at 2nd Floor, Williamson House, 4th Ngong Avenue, Upper hill.

Experienced General Practitioners (GP)

We have an experienced team of doctors and General Practitioners (GP) dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare services.

Nephromed Medical Centre Nairobi, Kenya

Find the Medical Centre Near you in Upper Hill Nairobi.

“Serves the Nairobi, Kenya community with dedication, commitment, and passion”

We are a Kenya-based health and medical centre located in Nairobi, established in 2017. Our primary focus is on providing specialized health care services, including Consultation, Dialysis, Kidney, Chemotherapy, Gynaecology, Women’s health checkups, Wellness clinic, Nutrition, General Health Checkups, and Blood collection from Home, as well as other emergency medical treatments.

At Nephromed Medical Centre, we continuously strive to enhance the treatment experience for our patients through our dedicated staff, General Practitioners promise to deliver quality and affordable Medical treatments. We ensure patients’ safety by following the best infection control protocols and providing a secure and hygienic atmosphere.

Nephromed Medical Centre is a private limited liability company with equal shareholding by its director. All the directors of the company have exceptional knowledge of healthcare management and business. The company has made an achievement by starting state of art dialysis centres across Kenya with the first dialysis centre in Nairobi (equipped with 16 machines). The company has made an investment of 500K USD for the two units. Book an appointment with Nephromed Medical Centre Nairobi, Kenya 

Our Health Care Services

Treatments we provides at Nephromed Medical Centre

Why Choose Nephromed Medical Centre Nairobi?

What’s Our Speciality

Comfortable Care

24*7 emergency medical centre in Nairobi with a fully equipped emergency procedure room with no wait list.

Safe Patient Care

Standards of patient care and safety comparable with the best in the world. Visit your nearest medical centre.

Latest Machines & Procedures

State-of-the-art facility with the latest machines and highest specification RO Plants.

Worry-free Commute

Door-to-door pickup and drop facility. Visit medical centre near you. We are located at 2nd Floor, Williamson House, 4th Ngong Avenue, Upper Hill, Nairobi.


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