Chemotherapy Centre Nairobi, Kenya

Providing patient-sensitive services in a world-class facility and elegant ambience. Accredited by National Cancer Institute Kenya

Nephromed Day Care Chemotherapy Centre Nairobi

Nephromed Day Care Chemotherapy Centre is a well-equipped chemotherapy clinic. We are a NHIF accredited day care chemotherapy center for cancer patients. We are approved by National Cancer Institute-Kenya.

 Day-care chemotherapy allows patients to receive chemo treatment while still being able to perform their daily activities. One of the novel concepts in cancer care is day-care chemotherapy, in which a patient receives chemotherapy treatment while working or engaging in other activities. Nephromed Cancer Center, a leading provider of day-care chemotherapy services, has instituted this system at its facilities in Nairobi. As a result, many patients do not need to stay at the hospital overnight; they can receive treatment on a private couch or in the common lounge while reading, watching television or scrolling on their phones.

At our Day Care Chemotherapy Centre, patients can consult skilled and experienced medical and clinical oncologists in an ambient treatment setting.

Services Offered at Our Chemotherapy Day Care Centre

  • Outpatient Consultation – Oncology
  • Day Care Chemotherapy infusion
  • Pharmacy
  • Onco Diagnostics(Radiology) (Laboratory Services)
  • Minor Procedures/ Biopsies, etc. (General and Private Wards – Recliners and Beds)
  • Home Care
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Family Counseling on Oncology
  • Hormones Therapy
  • Palliative care

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Why Choose NephroMed for Chemotherapy?

NephroMed – speciality healthcare provides a patient friendly environment for Cancer chemotherapy. The facility is NHIF accredited and provides affordable treatment. Chemotherapy is done under the guidance of oncologists and experienced nurses in a safe and secure environment.

At NephroMed Chemotherapy Centre – we ensure that the price of medication charges to patients are within their range. We only use quality medication duly approved by the pharmacy and Poisons Board for Kenya and get our medications sourced from authorized companies. We ensure that we only dispense the medication prescribed by the physician and do not change brands or medicines. The doctors are duly consulted for all such prescriptions.

  • NHIF Accredited
  • Comfortable Treatment Setting
  • Not Require an Overnight Stay
  • Onco Diagnostics
  • Reduced Traveling Burdens
  • Hassle-Free and Less Time-Consuming
  • Management of side effect

Cost of Chemotherapy in Nairobi, Kenya

The cost of chemotherapy is usually defined based on the protocol prescribed by the oncologist, however there is fixed cost of chemotherapy administration which is pocket friendly and affordable to all patients.

At Nephromed we administer all types of chemotherapy oral and infusion based.

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