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Teeth can wear down over time for several reasons, such as a cavity, tooth decay or gum diseases. Fortunately, with technological advancements in medical science and dentistry have ensured that the person continues to lead a normal life even after losing teeth with dental implants, crowns and bridges.

In addition, the technology to eradicate tooth decay and align structurally unsound teeth has also progressed significantly. Nephromed Dental Clinic Nairobi Kenya is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern equipment to provide its patients with the best dental treatment services. One of the leading NHIF Accredited Dental Clinics in Nairobi, Nephromed is also a premium dental centre for dental implants in Nairobi, Kenya.

Nephromed dental clinic provides the below-mentioned services.

Dental scaling

Dental scaling is also known as teeth scaling or teeth cleaning process. In this process, the dentist removes plaque and tartar from the teeth. He also ensures that the gum line is clear from plaque. The dental scaling process reattaches teeth to gums. It is an efficient way of keeping teeth cavity-free and healthier for longer.

Dental bonding

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure to fix chipped, discoloured or cracked teeth. This treatment is especially for those who feel underconfident due to their teeth. This procedure includes the application of tooth-coloured composite resin to repair damaged teeth. It is a more cost-effective option in comparison to crowns and veneers. Also, it is a simpler process than other cosmetic dental procedures. In most cases, it does not require anaesthesia and can be done in a single visit.

Dental Fillings

This is one of the most ancient techniques of filling an area of the extracted tooth. It is required after root canal treatments in Nairobi. It is generally filled with metals like gold, silver or other materials such as plastic, porcelain or ceramic. Of late, tooth-coloured composite fillings are gaining more popularity as they seamlessly merge with natural teeth.

Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is inevitable in case of tooth decay or severe damage. Extraction refers to a dental procedure of pulling a tooth and removing it entirely from the socket. It is one of the most common dental procedures, and it is essential for improving overall oral health in several cases. After tooth extraction, expert dentists of Nephromed present the patient with various teeth replacement options. Dental implants near Upperhill is one of the most sought-after options by patients concerned about teeth’s strength and appearance.

Teeth whitening

Who doesn’t like to flash pearly white teeth? Teeth whitening is a process of improving teeth’s colour regardless of their natural colour. It is done using toothpaste, over-the-counter gels, strips, rinses, trays and other whitening products recommended by dentists. To undergo professional teeth whitening treatment, it is essential to have healthy and unrestored teeth and gums. If you are looking for teeth whitening in Nairobi, Nephromed Dental Clinic is one of the most-recommended clinics.


Sealants are used to protect vulnerable areas that are out of reach of a regular toothbrush, such as nooks and crannies of back teeth. Food and plaque collected in such areas can lead to a cavity. Sealant, a plastic coating paint on teeth’s chewing surface, helps prevent tooth decay.


Unaligned, crowded or crooked teeth can weigh down one’s confidence. Braces made of ceramic, metal or wires are attached to teeth using a bonding material. An expert orthodontist, using braces can treat misaligned teeth. Dental braces treatment is most effective when done during adolescence.


Often described as a removable replacement for missing teeth, dentures can be a saviour for those who have lost several teeth due to old age or some other reasons. One can get a complete or partial denture done at the Nephromed dental clinic.

Crowns and caps

Due to wear and tear decay and injuries, teeth may gradually get damaged, break or chip off. A dental crown or custom-made cap to fit the tooth’s shape is placed over the damaged tooth to restore its size, shape, appearance and strength. It covers the visible part of the teeth.

Oral care

Dentistry is not expensive; neglect is. Regular teeth cleaning and oral care treatment in Nairobi can save money spent after dental treatment. At Nephromed Dental Clinic, our expert dentists examine your oral health and recommend measures that need to be taken to retain good oral health.


Veneers are used to improve toot’s appearance. It is made of custom-made wafer-thin shells to fit perfectly on the teeth’s outer surface. They can change teeth’s colour, shape, size and length.
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