Gynaecology Clinic in Nairobi, Kenya.

At Nephromed Gynaecology Clinic, we specialize in providing top-quality care for women’s pregnancy, infertility, and gynecological issues across all age groups. Our team comprises of experienced gynecologists and trained staff who strive to provide patients with the best healthcare experience possible.

Our team of obstetrician and gynaecologist have vast experience in field of routine obstetrics, high risk pregnancy, sonography, infertility and gynaecology related issue.

Antenatal Clinic

Antenatal care is care provided to an expecting mother all the way up till birth. As a leading maternity hospital in Nairobi, diverse healthcare professionals and services are available at Nephromed’s Antenatal Clinic in Nairobi to provide our clients with the best care and guidance. We aim to accurately monitor and evaluate the health of the mother and the fetus through pregnancy ultrasound, throughout the course of pregnancy to avoid complications and ensure a healthy delivery.

Gynecology Consultation

Gynaecology focuses on the female reproductive system and the conditions associated with it. Our gynaecology clinic provides access to the best obstetricians and gynaecologists in Nairobi and provide a range of advanced medical services. We are motivated to offer you the best medical consulting in our areas of expertise.

Family Planning and Birth Control

Nephromed Medical Centre understands the importance of family planning and various forms of contraception. However, we are also aware of the taboo about discussing these topics openly. Therefore, we provide the best consultation on these topics, ensuring the client’s privacy at all levels. Contact us to book an appointment with an expert obgyn in Nairobi, and build a brighter future for your family.

Adolescent Care

Adolescence, the phase of life between childhood and adulthood, can be confusing and challenging for many. During these years, they can experience rapid cognitive, psychosocial and physical growth to redefine how they think, perceive life and even make decisions. Therefore, it is crucial to address their queries, empathize and provide them with the proper counselling. Nephromed, the best adolescent health clinic Nairobi has a team of experts who tactically provide adolescent care and help them overcome physical, emotional and psychological challenges.

Menopause Care

For a woman, facing menopause can be challenging physiologically and emotionally, with hormonal changes taking a toll on both. At Nephromed, we strive to provide high-quality consulting, services and menopause treatments to support you in what can be a challenging time in your life. Reach out to our gynacologist for menopause for detailed check up and guidance.

Postpartum Care

The initial duration after childbirth is a period of healing and adjustment for new mothers. However, this can be a challenging phase for couples for multiple reasons. Our goal is to provide the necessary aid in recovery from issues that appear in the postpartum phase.

Fertility Treatment

Starting a family is an innate human desire. At the Nephromed Fertility centre, we help make this dream a reality with world-class care and treatment, which is refined to provide the best services available at any fertility clinic in Nairobi, Kenya. In addition, we have trained professionals who can assess needs, recommend options, and carry out procedures with competence.

Cervical Health Care

Did you know that many common issues women face regarding the health of their reproductive system are linked to cervical well-being? Therefore, cervical health is critical to your overall well-being. The Nephromed medical centre provides cervical health services spanning from regular check-ups to vaccination against more severe ailments. It is equipped with advanced tools and technologies for accurate breast and cervical cancer screening.

Diet and Nutrition

A balanced lifestyle requires careful choices in your diet, and the proper guidance can go a long way towards aiding recovery or simply improving your general health. We provide knowledgeable nutritionists who understand your needs and unique body types and prepare customized diet plans to help you achieve your goals. Visit us for a consultation today.

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