Vascular access for Hemodialysis

Best Advanced Treatment for Vascular Access for Dialysis

Hemodialysis Access by Vascular Surgeons. We are continuously working to provide patients the most up-to-date technological advances and innovative treatment options in renal care and dialysis access.

Most Advanced Treatment for vascular access for dialysis at Nephromed Dialysis Center by High Qualified Vascular Surgeon.

Patients on dialysis or having kidney related issues or having conditions such as atherosclerosis caused due to excess fatty substance in the bloodstream. This leads to blocked arteries and veins often causing multiple problems and if not treated properly on time can be fatal.

We offer a vascular clinic in Nairobi, Kenya once a week with our experienced vascular surgeon that provides consultation, diagnosis, routine review, post surgery review, ultrasound scan & medication. 

You can contact us at +254 737787878 to book an appointment with our surgeon specialist.

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