What Treatments Are Available For Kidney Failure?

What treatments are available for kidney failure

For most patients, three of the most tried & tested methods are hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and kidney transplants. Here is some information regarding these treatments:


Hemodialysis is a treatment where the blood is directly filtered by using a dialysis machine. The procedure involves extracting blood from the patient using a catheter, usually on the arm. The function of the catheter is to allow the exchange of blood to and from the dialysis machine. The unprocessed blood passes to the dialysis machine, where excess fluids and wastes are removed, and the clean blood is returned to the bloodstream. Hemodialysis can be carried out at any leading dialysis centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

Peritoneal Dialysis

Another method which removes waste products or excess fluids from the body is peritoneal dialysis. It consists of three stages, beginning with the injection of a fluid into the abdominal cavity, or the “fill” stage, where it is allowed to sit or “dwell” until waste products and extra fluid is absorbed by the fluid, or dialysate. Upon completion of the process, the fluid is drained. That is the final step. Fortunately, this advanced kidney disease treatment in Nairobi, Kenya, is available at selected kidney treatment centres.

Kidney Transplants

The most effective, long-term, and natural treatment is to undergo a kidney transplant. But, it is also the most expensive option, and there are risks that the patient’s body may reject the new kidney. Usually, a long waiting list also deters people from choosing this option. For many, dialysis is not proven effective for enhancing the quality of life. This often becomes the decisive factor in opting for a transplant. The most challenging part of transplants is finding a suitable donor.

Kidney disease can have a debilitating impact on any individual facing it. However, in consultation with your doctor, the right treatment plan can return many of the lost joys in life that have been seized by kidney disease. Nephromed Medical Centre is one of the leading centres for kidney disease treatment in Nairobi, Kenya.

If you are, or suspect you are, facing kidney disease, book a consultation with our experienced doctors today.

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