When is the Best Time to Start Dialysis?

When is the best time to start dialysis

Kidney disease affects a growing number of people worldwide. It occurs when kidneys are not able to effectively clear excess wastes and fluid. One of the most effective treatments to manage it is dialysis.

In its early stages, kidney disease does not require dialysis. However, after kidney function dramatically decreases, it becomes essential to undergo regular dialysis.

What is Dialysis?

Before discussing when you may need dialysis and how to arrange it, it is helpful to understand what dialysis is and how it helps maintain your health.

Dialysis is a medical procedure that removes excess wastes and fluids from the body. There are multiple forms of this procedure. A medical solution called dialysate is used in procedures to absorb waste products from the blood. It is used differently in different forms of dialysis.

It is a procedure that is conducted regularly to substitute the role of the kidney in the human body.

If I have Kidney Disease, will I Need Dialysis?

Dialysis is a procedure that is usually required for end-stage kidney disease. This is generally advised when kidney function falls below 15%. At this point, it is essential to undergo dialysis regularly to clean the body of waste products.

When should I Start Dialysis?

If you feel your kidney disease is progressing, the first step should be to arrange a consultation with a certified centre. Nephromed Medical Center is one of the leading centers for kidney disease treatment in Nairobi, Kenya. After being examined and discussing your health, the doctor shall determine if you require dialysis. If you do, they will guide you as to the next step.

Who Pays For Dialysis?

For many, repeated medical procedures like dialysis become unaffordable after a few sessions. Not to worry, there are options available for those who may not be able to afford the cost of treatment:

  • Public Charities
  • Government Programs
  • Insurance Providers and Bank Medical Loans

Initially, it can be challenging to make lifestyle changes to accommodate a routine of dialysis treatments. There are centres which provide a whole spectrum of support for patients with kidney disease, from nutritional guidance to mental health support to providing regular dialysis treatments themselves.

A centre providing such world-class facilities and an experienced team for kidney dialysis in Nairobi, Kenya, is the Nephromed Medical Center. This NHIF-accredited and MOH-compliant centre provides best-in-class and affordable treatment to its patients. If you believe you may require dialysis, book a consultation today at a dialysis centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

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